Data Monster

I’m very pleased to announce that after quite a while being tinkered with, our brand new (and shiny) version of Data.Lincoln is ready to rock and provide you with open (for the most part) institutional data. To start with we’re really pleased to give you some of our estates data, our staff phone book and an institutional profile as fully open, linked data. We’re also making it easier to find the University’s published documents (unfortunately not yet available as raw data) such as our financial returns and not-yet-openly-licenced course data, as well as doing our best to get this data released in better formats.

We’re still working on cracking open more data, and have meetings lined up with various parts of the University to try and make this happen faster. In the meantime we’re working on building even more reliable data pathways from the source of the data through our Nucleus data platform and out onto Data.Lincoln.

For now, why not grab some data and have a play? Just remember to follow the licence restrictions where they exist.