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Building on some earlier work (but in a more official capacity this time) I think I should share some of the artwork I want to scatter around the University to help advertise Get Satisfaction. So, here goes.

As always, feedback is welcome.

I’m taking a short break from printing (at the moment I’m sat at home ripping apart the IPP specification and some logs from CUPS to work out why it almost but not quite works) to relay a brief message on Google Wave, and what it is.

Is it just me who thinks that this would be amazing in an academic environment, specifically with regards to planning and collaboration for projects? Hopefully when it’s out of preview and into beta it’ll join Google Apps, providing yet another reason (along with Kirsty’s work on Google Docs) for the University to make Apps available for us all. We’ll get rid of that infernal Outlook Web Access and bizzarely low inbox quota yet!