As promised – an updated about the state of PFMPC and Windows Vista / Windows 7:

We don’t know what’s happening. All our testing works perfectly, with every combination of things we can find, but there are still some end users (students) who can’t connect to the server. It only affects Windows Vista and Windows 7. Firewalls, antivirus, service packs, settings, existing printers, wireless drivers and everything else seem to make no difference at all, but the problem is replicable on the same computer.

There’s also a second issue (we think it’s unrelated) to do with 64 bit systems installing the printer driver (we think it’s Windows 7 only), but again this is only on some systems and not others.

Turns out it’s not ready for the prime time at all – we’ll keep working at it. In the meantime if you know of anybody with problems using PFMPC please get them to drop me an email at and we’ll try work it out.