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Hello all,

The ever popular JISC sponsored Dev8D event is just 1 month away now. Dev8D is the largest event of its kind in the UK and it is your only opportunity this year to get 3 days of free training in essential skills and emerging technologies. This year the event is packed with great opportunities for learning new tech skills, discovering new technologies and collaborating on technical challenges with experts in the sector. At past events attendees have learnt new programming languages, experimented with new software platforms and established lasting communities. As always tickets for the event are free but availability is limited so book soon to avoid disappointment.

This year more than ever the goal of Dev8D is to tool up attendees with skills in essential and emerging technologies for the coming year in away that is practical and fun. There will be sessions for:

  • HTML 5
  • Programming in Python
  • Git version control and source code management
  • Understanding and using Linked Data
  • Using Redis
  • JavaScript and JQuery
  • Writing effective Moodle plug-ins
  • Making your web applications accessibility friendly
  • Coffee Script
  • too many more to name…

Attendees will also get to interact with cool technologies like 3D printers and multi-touch tables and form their own sessions in our larger than ever unconference sessions. Bring your technical problems along and work them through with experts in the sector.

This years event runs from the February the 14th-16th and will be in University of London student union. Remember tickets are free but they are limited so sign up before you miss the opportunity.

You can see more details and register for the event on the Dev8D website at:

Hope to see you there!

Last week I headed off to a conference in London called Dev8D, where I met a few hundred other developers from the HE sector (and others) and spent my time brainstorming ideas, messing about with RFID tags, mashing data together, attending workshops on the future of data representation, writing an iPhone app, learning to use the Force, drinking far too much complementary tea and coffee and fighting the mess that is the Underground on a weekend. In short, it was awesome fun. Out of it I’ve gleaned loads of useful bits and pieces which I can now use to push the bits of the University that I can get my hands on into the future with impunity, because somebody else has already done the research and I now know who.

Next up, Posters. We’re still waiting for our new development server on which the Online Services Team can develop, stage, test and show off our latest inventions. Once that’s up and running you’ll be able to have a go at breaking it and we’ll be open for feedback. Posters will also be the first production University site (albeit beta) to use our new CWD 2.0, and will also be providing data as RSS in the initial release, with JSON and XML further down the line. The ability for groups such as student societies to add posters, along with a streamlined online approval process, will be in place ready for once Posters leaves beta.