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Just a few quick mockups I slung together of branding for Campus Assistants (more trendy name pending). These would be the awesome team of people who wander around campus during things like enrolment giving help where needed.

As always, feedback is encouraged.

With Freshers’ Week looming over the horizon, I’m led back to memories of when I first arrived at Lincoln. I very quickly learnt that the best way to find out anything important was to grab someone in a neon yellow Fresher Helper t-shirt and ask.

This led me to wonder “why don’t University departments do that?”. In all seriousness, it works for Apple stores. Put people in uniform, even if it’s literally a coloured t-shirt with the University logo on the front and “ICT” on the back and I bet you’ll get an increase in queries. Make the support available right there on the front line, never mind tucking it away at the back of a building somewhere staffed by a nondescript bloke whose only association with the University is the ID badge he’s got clipped to his belt.