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As a few people have requested, our magical URL shortening service at now comes with a delicious API. It’s directly compatible with the API, and is so simple that even a monkey could use it (providing the monkey was familiar with the basics of HTTP GET and URL encoding).

Its usage is very simple. All you need to do is call with the GET parameter ‘longurl’ set to a URL encoded version of the URL you want shrinking. For example:

The site will then return (in plaintext) the shortened URL, or if you’ve broken it a HTTP 500 error code.

It’s really that easy. More changes are in the pipeline, and as always I am taking requests.

Sadly, my efforts to make the official address for our Get Satisfaction account weren’t successful, despite receiving widespread support. We are, however, now sporting a brand new and shiny URL at The WWH stands for What, Why and How which neatly encompasses a lot of the things which Get Satisfaction will be dealing with.¬†Other suggestions included (as in “Huh? What?”) and a variety of “eh” and “umm” derivatives.

However, we also have some good news in that we now completely support Get Satisfaction! We can properly moderate conversation to keep it relevant, make sure the Student Reps get recognised, keep people up to date easier and more! Expect to see more news about this through some more channels soon, but if you want to tell anybody to use Get Satisfaction (or What, Why, How) then please feel free.